Life rubber is a manufacturer of rubber flooring systems.

Our company was founded in 1979 and located in Taiwan(R.O.C).

 In the beginning, we manufactured the reclaimed rubber. As the company continues to progress and grow, we had decided to set up the factory in 1988,which the total areas were 150,788 m² in Malaysia.

While the original company in Taiwan is committed to the manufacture of recycled rubber flooring and we continue to progress and we hope to contribute to the work of the Earth's environmental protection efforts.

Now our rubber flooring is widely used in Taiwan's universities, high schools, gyms, and commercial spaces.

Especially as the Nike stores, Adidas stores, Reebok stores, even UNDER ARMOR stores which are in Taiwan have laid our rubber flooring on their floor.

Our rubber flooring is durable enough to withstand the heavy use of high traffic areas such as entrances, walkways and retail stores, and offers at the same time flexibility and permanent resiliency to ensure a comfortable floor for offices and public spaces. Our rubber flooring also includes an acoustical underlay for hardwood flooring providing sound absorptions as well as excellent thermal insulation properties.

We look forward to create more value and environmentally friendly products for you.proimages/5052merge.jpg