Product Name : Dual Flex
Product Description

Soft Rubber is a result of our evolutionary and innovative production process of bonding both recycled rubber and high density closed cell EVA Foam Rubber . Ideal for gyms , playgrounds , garages and facilities . Our interlocking soft rubber is for people looking for a non slip rubber matting surface that also has the exceptional cushioning properties of interlocking foam floor mats . These floor tiles are new to the market . Due to this unique construction method , these tiles are more durable and slip resistant than standard foam tiles , and like foam tiles , are soundproof , waterproof , shock absorbent , and insulating in addition to being light in weight as compared to standard all rubber tiles .

  • soft & safe
  • lightweight
  • waterproof
  • childproof
  • durable
  • portable
  • soundproof
  • shock absorbent
  • environmentally friendly-manufactured with recyclable materials
2Sizes 2'x 2'x 3/8" and weighs 3.17lbs
2'x 2'x 3/4" and weighs 4.50lbs
commercial and residential 1 year limited for regular use
black blue
black gray



our rubber mats and new color EPDM granules are bonding with high-density closed-cell EVA foam. With a non-slip rubber matting surface, our products help users gain total control of their mobility. In addition, they are more durable, slip-resistant and shock-absorbent than normal home ceramic tiles or conventional rubber mats. For lightweight trainees and athletes, our products surely surpass others like a more favorable selection. 


Recommended uses – Our rubber mats are suitable for gyms, garages, nursing houses and a variety of other locations with a need for rubber mats. They will provide more comfort and safety for those who use them.


We 100 % insist on using recycled tires for our black rubber, instead of shoe soles or industrial recycles for recycled tires prove to be more slip-resistant and shock-absorbent.


Rubber Hardness: A65˚5˚(ASTM 2240 & JIS7215A)

EVA Foam thickness 40˚--50˚(JIS.56050)

Our products demonstrate their outstanding slip-resistant characteristic even more when encountering sweat or liquids